April 7, 2005 – Webb

To: Mr. Seth Webb, Director of Special Projects

From: John Gordon, Chairman Illinois Committee of Blind Vendors (ICBV)

Date: April 7, 2005

Subject: Status of RFP


As you probably know, I have been communicating concerns from both my constituents and myself pertaining to the RFP. I have not heard anything in several weeks from Mr. Moore, State Marketing Manager and wonder whether or not it would be beneficial for you to meet with the Illinois Committee to discuss this further.


Since April of 2004 we are still being denied access on a continual basis from state agencies who do not wish to comply with state law 2420, Blind Persons Operating a Vending Facility Act. After the Business Enterprise Program for the Blind is denied the opportunity to enter into direct negotiations with state agencies and then are ultimately denied the contract, we have been contacting all of our state representatives and senators to bring this to their attention.


Although Mr. Moore and I have had good dialog pertaining to the proposed RFP, there appears to be some issues that are still quite disturbing. Because the Governor’s office has never forced or encouraged any state agencies to comply with state law 2420, it leads me to believe that he, in fact, feels it has no formal standing. If in fact your office does not believe that blind vendors have preference to operate concessions on state property, we have very little to use in negotiations. Please contact me if you have any additional information and if you would like to attend a meeting with the Illinois Committee of Blind Vendors.


C. C. John Moore, State Marketing Manager

Carol Adams, Secretary, DHS

Rob Kilbury, Director, Office of Rehab Services

Bettye Odem-Davis, Bureau Chief, BEPB

Paul Drake, Assistant Bureau Chief, BEPB

Robert Humphreys, Legal Council, ICBV

Tom Cullen