December 21, 2004 – Madigan

To: Honorable Michael Madigan
Speaker of the House of Representatives


From: John Gordon
Chairman Illinois Committee of Blind Vendors
Date: December 21, 2004


As always I appreciate your continued support for self employed blind men and women in Illinois . On April 20, 2004 you submitted a resolution acknowledging my walk from Chicago to Springfield along with reinforcing what state law 2420 Blind Persons Operating a Vending Facility Act already states.


It was brought to my attention that this resolution was stuck in the rules committee and never actually went before the House of Representatives for a vote. I was hoping that you could shed some light on this for me and help me understand why it is stuck in a committee. Although the Governor’s office has offered nothing more than patronizing remarks regarding the enforcement of state law 2420 Blind Persons Operating a Vending Facility Act, state agencies continue in their mode of non compliance. Please help me in understanding why a resolution like this never makes it out of committee and is there anything that my constituents and I could do to move this along.


With my best wishes,


John Gordon