December 7, 2004 – Adams

To: Carol Adams, Secretary D.H.S.

From: John Gordon, Chairman I.C.B.V.

Date: December 7, 2004

Subject: Summary of meeting on November 29, 2004


I appreciate the opportunity that we had to sit down and discuss some on going problems we are facing in the Business Enterprise Program. I appreciate the dialog which we had and in the future I will make sure you are kept informed on matters before they come to major issues.


We discussed the fact that you will put together a meeting with your chief legal council to discuss the dinning service at Great Lakes Naval Training Station and the lack of arbitration filed in reference to the Railroad Retirement facility at 844 North Rush. Our success in the Business Enterprise Program is often dependent on your legal department advocating for our rights in the area of priority on federal and state property. We also discussed that through your new facilities committee supervised by Mr. Jerome Butler we could possibly bring some much needed continuity across the board at D.M.H. and D.D.D. properties in reference to the B.E.P.B.


You informed me that Mr. Butler could survey all of these facilities for the following information:Who currently provides vending and or commissary services to the facility? Is a commission based on a percentage of sales or a flat rate paid back to the facility monthly? Do you currently have a commissary or business operating in direct competition with outside providers?


I know that Mr. Butler should be able to look at this situation and bring some unbiased recommendations back to you. We both agreed that we should be able to find some common ground between the Business Enterprise Program for the Blind and other D.H.S. agencies. I look forward to bringing these matters to a long overdue resolution.


Thank you