Jan 13, 2006 – Request

To: Camille Capharelli, Illinois Council of the Blind

From: John Gordon, Chairman Illinois Committee of Blind Vendors


Date: January 13, 2006


You asked me to keep you informed of anything the Illinois Council could do in reference to assisting us with current issues. As you know we have had tremendous problems in past years with state agencies complying with our preference to operate businesses on state and government properties. On Monday of this week, Senator Michael Jacobs introduced legislation which is Senate Bill 2330. After introduction it went directly to the Rules Committee, I am requesting your assistance in helping us with this paramount piece of legislation. If in fact Senate Bill 2330 can be adopted it will give Illinois blind vendors and their disabled workforce the strongest state law in the nation. Orel Jacobs sponsored State Law 2420 “Blind Vendors Operating Vending Facilities Act” which we are currently working under. If ICB members along with Horizon constituents across the state could contact their state senator and ask them to support State Law 2330 I am sure we will be successful in this endeavor. We have spent a tremendous amount of time drafting this legislation and now it is time for battle. The Illinois Committee of Blind Vendors along with managers and family members would greatly appreciate anything that you could do.


With my greatest thanks,

John Gordon