January 29, 2002 – ICBV

January 29, 2002


To: I.C.B.V.


From: John Gordon Committee Chair

Subject: Monies to be collected for Lobbyist


As most of you know, in late October I made a plea to our membership in order to raise approximately $20,000, which would be used to hire a lobbyist to assist us in bringing our issues to the state capital.


At a recent tela-conference meeting, I instructed you that we had approximately 52 blind vendors who had contributed monies. This raised approximately $13,000. I am asking that each of you contact the blind vendors that will be listed below after each of your names and remind them that their monies are surely needed in this effort. Please do not approach this as a Collection Agency might, but more as a reminder to your peer group. Surely we must understand that some blind vendors are not as capable as others, and that is why vendors for the most part who gave more did so.


Please handle this delicately and consider their hardships. Remind them that any amount is better than none.


Remember this is not necessarily a function of the elected committee, but is a function of our Political Action Group. All checks should be made payable to John Gordon/Political Action Group and should be addressed to:


John Gordon
P. O. Box 5338
Chicago, Illinois 60680-5338.


I would appreciate it if all of you took responsibility for the vendor listed below your name and that you will be the contact person if any questions need to be answered by me.


Thank you


Modesto Favela

1. Paul Hanlin

2. Eugene Maslow

3. Bruce Hall

4. Don Jordon


Jan Tatum

1. Jimmy Swift

2. Lyle Stauder

3. Leonard Martin


Jan Schuler

1. Marco Gianotti

2. Willie Hibbler

3. Jeff Schumacher


Kevin Dwyer

1. Jack Day

2. Mark Goss

3. Tony Engle

4. Rick Mareci


Danny Schroeder

1. Dave Clark

2. Art Geen

3. Jeff Chiappetta


Paul Liddle

1. Arland Stratton

2. Kevin Bartrum

3. Jerome Bonaparte

Mike Gillick

1. Steve Baldwin

2. Angelicia Moore

3. Ross Hubley


Donnie Patterson

1. Don Schone

2. Dave Crawford

3. Patricia Calderon


John Gordon

1. Lee Asher

2. Brenda Barnes

3. Mike Summlar

4. Doug Carter

5. Ted Stice

6. Charlie Byrd


Denise O’Brien

1. Earl Jarvis

2. Armando Latorre

3. David Latorre

Chris Distefano

1. James Grob

2. Steve Hoffman

3. Rick Jarvis