July 15 2004 – Kilbury

July 15, 2004

Mr. John Gordon,
Chairman Illinois Committee of Blind Vendors
53 West Jackson, Suite 522
Chicago, IL

Dear Mr. Gordon,


Secretary Adams asked me to respond via fax to the letter you sent her today. Our intent, by inviting a cross section of managers and students in the Business Enterprise Program for the Blind, was not to circumvent the Illinois Committee of Blind Vendors, but rather to receive input from a variety of sources.


We intended the meeting to be an open meeting with a diverse group of vendors. For that reason, based on geography, time in the blind vendor program, and requests (we have received), we invited a group we believed to be a diverse representation of vendors from around the state.


To accommodate your preference of meeting with the Illinois Committee of Blind Vendors, I propose that we meet with you and the Committee on Thursday, July 22 in Springfield. I understand that you have scheduled a meeting of the Committee on that day, and perhaps we could join the meeting. Additionally, we are still available tomorrow at the regular scheduled time.


Please advise us on your preference. I look forward to hearing from you soon.




Robert F. Kilbury
Director Division of Rehabilitation Services Department of Human Services

CC: Secretary Carol L. Adams, Ph.D.