June 7, 2004 – Madigan

To: The Honorable Speaker of the House

Mr. Michael Madigan


From: Mr. John Gordon, Chairman Illinois Committee of Blind Vendors

Date: June 7, 2004

Subject: Legal opinion on state law2420 (Blind Persons Operating Vending Facilities Act)


Please allow me to sincerely thank you for your support and your introduction of house bill 7295 which will help protect blind business people in reference to corporate sponsorship. State law 2420 (Blind Persons Operating Vending Facilities Act) was meant to mirror our federal law the Randolph Sheppard Act by giving blind men and women preferential treatment to operate concessions on state property. As I stated to the news media on my walk there are many state agencies that challenge this law and do not wish to comply with it. Our Governor stated through his releases to the media that he leaves it up to each agency to make sure they are in compliance which seems ridiculous at best. Many state agencies question what preferential treatment really means. I am requesting that your office request a legal opinion to be rendered from the Attorney General’s office. My hope would be to finally bring resolution to this matter. On behalf of all blind men and women our families and employees we applaud your effort and hope you could be a champion for our employment opportunities both now and in the future.


Thank you