Londrigan, March 8, 2004

To: Mr. Tom Londrigan, Governor’s Legal Council


From: John Gordon, Chairman Illinois Committee of Blind Vendors

Date: March 8, 2004

Subject: Administrative Order


I have been negotiating for the past 12 months with your office on a proposed Administrative Order which would serve to enhance state law 2420 in relation to self employed blind people operating businesses on state property. At our meeting on February 19th I found out that our Administrative Order was now going to be linked to the corporate sponsorship initiative. I was assured by Mr. Seth Webb that I would be kept informed on how this initiative was going to proceed. I have received nothing from Mr. Webb and have nothing in writing to assure the blind vendors in this state that their jobs are not being threatened. I have informed the blind vendors that as of April 12th 2004 if we do not have a Administrative Order signed or a formal written agreement in place, myself along with all of my constituents, family members, and supporters of our mission will begin a walk from Chicago to the steps of the state Capitol to bring attention to our cause. We have been more than reasonable and I have my own doubts that you support this Administrative Order anyway. I have enclosed a copy of the original proposed Administrative Order that we would like signed.