March 2, 2004 – Adams

To: Secretary Carol Adams DHS


From: John Gordon, Chairman ICBV

Date: March 2, 2004

Subject: Pending legal issues


I am requesting a meeting to take place in your office surrounding some legal matters that we have been able to get no answers for. Last week on February 26th we had a meeting with Business Enterprise Program for the Blind (BEPB) staff and they were not able to provide us with any clear concise information on pending legal matters.


Last year your office filed federal arbitration on the blind vendor’s behalf in relation to the troop feeding contract at Great Lakes Naval Training Station. We did not receive a favorable ruling on this matter. However, they did rule that they were basing their decision on the premise that your office took several years to file for arbitration. Your office was represented by the Attorney General’s office and the last I had heard they were appealing this decision.


We have also been in the process of trying to recover rent that was illegally requested by the federal property manager at Railroad Retirement Building 844 North Rush Street Chicago . Blind vendors are not required by federal law to pay rent or commissions and this has been in your legal department for quite some time.


I am requesting a meeting with Deputy Director, Ms. Bettye Odem-Davis, BEPB Administrator, Mr. Paul Drake, a representative from the Attorney General’s office and a representative from DHS legal to bring me and my committee up to date on the current status.


Thank you,

John Gordon


Cc. Mr. Rob Kilbury, Director DHS

Ms. Bettye Odem-Davis, Bureau Chief

Mr. Paul Drake, Assistant Bureau Chief

Illinois Committee of Blind Vendors